effective business processes

Monetizing talent as the business of the future
The business of the future is the monetization of talent. Everyone is talented in something. Absolutely everyone is talented in something, there are no exceptions and there cannot be. However,…

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Improving the marketing system
We are not lucky. The time in which we live is characterized by a very low market situation. But this is half the trouble. The second half of the trouble…

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HR as the fifth wheel of marketing
HR fifth wheel marketing. Do not agree? Let's deal with this. The situation arose a paradoxical situation. The number of people engaged in the search for personnel is growing, but…

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Top 7 most dangerous mistakes marketers

Mistakes marketers is a reality. There is an opinion that the one who does nothing is not mistaken. There is some truth in this opinion, but an even greater part of the truth is that very often many mistakes could have been avoided if they were aware of their existence. Due to the fact that any mistake brings all sorts of losses in order to help avoid them, We have prepared a list of the worst mistakes that marketers have committed, are making, and will continue to be committed. Continue reading

Ticket to the post-industrial economy

There are several types of economies, and one of them is post-industrial. The transition to a post-industrial economy is one of our possible prospects, if suitable conditions are put in place for this. They may or may not be formed, respectively, the transition may or may not take place. It depends on many factors.

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So, marketing aims to find ideas

So, marketing is aimed at finding ideas that are not fully implemented in a person, i.e. find needs. Further, these ideas are identified, i.e. the needs are identified, or rather the ideas that caused these needs are identified. Well, then already created a product that is needed to translate these ideas. Need itself is eliminated by the fact that an idea embedded in a person develops in him to a state of need. Continue reading

A simple way to analyze sales of goods

The analysis of sales of goods for short sales is a very useful event. The better it is held, the more untapped sales opportunities for the goods will be revealed, which means the more money will be earned by maximizing sales volumes. If you decide to hold it, there is no going back, you can not retreat, you can not refuse the decision.

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What the marketer owes and to whom

The marketer must bring results, and for this he must be present and be engaged in marketing. However, in marketing there is such a situation when marketers are engaged in anything, but not in marketing. If you drop deeper, then marketers often do not understand what they do. This marketer is engaged in marketing.

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