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Bank Nomodeley

The world in which we live is complex and multifaceted. Every day we have to make many decisions, on the effectiveness of which our future depends. Noomarketing, as well as marketing, also requires decision-making, and the mistakes here are not particularly excusable. To avoid mistakes in marketing or noomarketing, or at least reduce their number helps understanding what you have to deal with. Everything that has to be dealt with in noomarketing or marketing can be divided into objects and processes.

An object is any single item that you have to deal with in the framework of no-marketing. Examples of objects – the market, consumer, competitor.

The process – in the narrow sense – a set of sequential actions carried out by the object, aimed at achieving certain results. Examples of processes: consumer acceptance of a purchase decision, a competitor’s response to a price increase, a competitor’s conclusion of a new product.

Knowledge of all properties and characteristics of objects and the process is not required. It is enough to know the basic characteristics or properties required at the moment. In order to highlight them, in the noomarketing tool is used, which is called the noomodel. Nomodel is a kind of real object or process that you have to deal with in noomarketing, reflected in the form of a layout, image, diagram, verbal description, or mathematical formula.

The number of objects and processes with which one has to deal in noomarketing is large enough, and this requires that each of them has its own model. At the same time, it is necessary that these models be combined into one instrument. Such a tool in noomarketing has the name of the bank Nom. BANK OF NOOMODELS – a set of nomo-models of objects or processes that have to be dealt with in noo-marketing.

BANK NOOMODELEY always allows you to have on hand a model of all the lens and processes of interest to us, which allows you to quickly and accurately obtain information about them and use it to improve the efficiency of their work.

BANK NOOMODELEY is a kind of magic wand that will help in difficult times, while other moments increase productivity and increase the speed of decision making.

At its core, a nomo-model is a tool of noo-marketing, which serves to better understand the objects and processes that professionals and managers of no-marketing have to deal with. The scope of application of the model is wide enough. Neomodels can be used for:

struggle with the lack of information through the fact that they allow to receive it from the available information;
reconstruction of events;
more effective analysis of market facilities, consumers, competitors, microenvironment and macroenvironment of marketing nooetrans, etc .;
more effective analysis of consumer behavior, competitors, markets, etc.
identify patterns of behavior of objects or processes
building strategy and tactics
monitoring markets, competitors, macroenvironment and micromarketing noomarketing;

Without the use of models, the above activities will more resemble the search for needles in a haystack, because objects and processes, such as they are, have very many characteristics. The study of objects as they are, requires very complex techniques, and the use of simple will lead to contradictions, complicate decision-making, lead to errors and, consequently, losses.

If we say in other words, the nomo-model is the idea through the prism of which we consider a particular object or process. The possibilities of human memory and thinking, although quite large, are not limitless at the same time. This leads to the fact that when these possibilities are exceeded, the brain begins to filter out some information in order to simplify the object or process in question. Well, when unnecessary or unimportant information is filtered out, but important information is often filtered out, then the object or process is perceived in a distorted form and the perception of it is inadequate.

Such a state of affairs can be compensated by consciously filtering the information received through a specially created filter. The filter is designed to obtain the necessary information about the object or process and there is a model. For example, it was once believed that the earth rested on turtles. With such a worldview, it is impossible to imagine a modern world where there is satellite television, global positioning systems and flights into space.

The process model allows you to determine why a particular event happened on the market, or to predict what event might happen. Often we see consequences, but we don’t know how they happened. Without this information, any of our activities will be probabilistic in nature. In order for the likelihood of an outcome of a process to increase, it is necessary to determine how the process is carried out.

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