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Slogan as a way to raise sales

Creating a slogan is one of the directions for increasing sales. This is due to the fact that the slogan is one of the most effective marketing tools, and marketing is the most effective way to increase sales. Practice shows that today big sales are companies that actively use marketing and its technology.

Creating a slogan as a profitable investment

Previously, companies that had good production or service capacity felt best. Now in the first place are companies that use marketing. This is due to the fact that today there is enough production capacity, but the capacity to create consumers and needs in deficit.

As a result, there is a shortage of consumers, which does not allow to load production capacity. It turns out a vicious circle. Without the development of consumer creation facilities and needs, it is not possible to get out of it. Accordingly, marketing is now the primary, because it is a way to increase the number of consumers.

In the new environment, investments in marketing, advertising, branding, and PR, which create the needs of consumers, are the primary task of any business. Everyone who makes such investments always thinks about how to get the most out of them. Recommendations on how and in what is better to invest a lot and each of them has the right to life.

One of the recipes is to create a slogan.

One of the recipes is to create a slogan. With minimal investment, it brings a good income. If the slogan is magic, then the income is maximized. This recommendation is supported by the results of one of the studies. The Cameralabs.org project presented very interesting data on what people are actually looking at, including when they consider advertising.

The experiment was carried out using sensors that determine the direction of the gaze, which means that it is 100% objective. Its results are not just a survey of consumers, which could be subjective, but an analysis of their real behavior. It turned out that regardless of what a person is looking at, his eyes always pay maximum attention to certain details.

Creating a slogan as a great investment
Further decision is made based on whether the item is in the object or not. If the item is, it is an analysis of its quality. After that, the decision to purchase. So, the slogan is a detail that the consumer is looking for, first of all, it is one of the objects that attracts the maximum attention of potential consumers.

Creating a slogan as a great investment

Creating a slogan is a top priority for each company. Above is a picture of the results of these studies. It clearly shows that the focus of those who paid attention to the Porsche ad, gave it a slogan. Other elements of advertising were also considered, but the hottest place is the slogan “Actions speak louder”.

It should be noted that this is not just a slogan, but a magic slogan, which further enhances its effectiveness. Why does the consumer behave that way? Because he wants to realize an idea that bothers him. Under the influence of this idea, he is looking for something that will allow him to realize it. There is no time to analyze everything, so the search goes by markers.

The slogan is the main marker of the idea; therefore, it is primarily the consumer who is oriented towards it. If a product, company, service has a slogan – this means that they have a marker and are visible to the consumer. When there is no marker in the form of a slogan, then they look like stealth, like “cats in a bag.” Buy “the cat in the bag” hardly anyone wants.

The slogan must be created by professionals

Preference is given to products and services that are marked with a slogan. Therefore, although it has already been said many times, but it is worth repeating once again a simple truth – creating a slogan is a top priority for a business that wants to be successful. The slogan must be created by professionals and effective technology.

To take a few words of any kind, put them together and use them as a slogan is stupid, unprofessional, and as a result unprofitable. From such a “slogan” the effect will be about the same as if you pour water into the gas tank of a car instead of gasoline. The gas tank seems to be complete, the problem seems to be solved. However, the car, firstly, will not go.

Secondly, the engine and other elements of the car will become unusable and will have to be repaired. Thirdly, a lot of time will be lost on solving a seemingly solved problem. Similarly, it happens in the case of using instead of the slogan a set of words interconnected without the use of the necessary technologies.

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