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Hacking marketing and its development prospects

Hacking marketing took place, as the book by Phil Barden says under the same name. In due time, this book was sent to me by the publishing house Mann. Ivanov. Weber. He persuaded himself to read it for a long time and eventually persuaded him, which is now pleased. It should be noted that recently I rarely read books, because it is difficult to find something interesting.

Hacking Marketing by Phil Barden

The common misfortune of most new books is that, as a rule, everything interesting in them is not new, and everything new is not at all interesting. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the authors of the books savor the long-known truths, rewriting them from each other and presenting something invented as something new, interesting and personally. In principle, this is not the worst case.

It is much worse when the author poorly and superficially understood the topic, thought out something himself, eventually decided that he had made some new discovery, which he talks about in his book, forcing readers to degrade with it. As it turned out, the book “Hacking marketing” fell out of this rule. After reading literally 10 pages, I realized that it is worth reading to the end.

It turned out that the book has a lot of new things, and surprisingly this new one is very, very interesting and it makes sense to finish it to the end. I read it, and with great pleasure. We can say that the book really tells about hacking marketing. The book “Marketing Hacking” was not only interesting, but useful, personally for me.

She saved me a few years of research.

She saved me a few years of research in the interests of noomarketing. Reading this book, sometimes it even seemed that I was reading some of my own materials. The fact that these are not my materials was reminded by a slightly different terminology used by Phil Barden, but the conceptual aspects are very similar.

For example, in the no-marketing used the concept of “idea”, and Phil Barden in a similar context uses the concept of “goal”. Phil Barden believes that goods are bought not for the sake of the goods themselves, but for the sake of achieving the goals that customers face. In noomarketing, it is also considered that goods are bought not for the sake of the goods themselves, but for the sake of the realization of ideas.

Of course, if Phil Barden were familiar with noo-marketing, he could operate with the terminology of noo-marketing and all the conclusions would be relevant. Without familiarity with noomarketing, he, of course, operated with his usual categories. Generally speaking, Marketing Hacking is a very modern, timely, and relevant book.

The main problem of the modern economy is the lack of motivated consumers.

Hacking marketing was necessary because everything flows and changes. Including changing the economy. Following the change in the economy, marketing is also forced to change, because marketing is one of the main tools for solving economic problems. The main problem of the modern economy is the lack of motivated consumers.

This problem is connected with the fact that all motivated needs are already satisfied and tools are needed for the mass creation of new needs. Tools such, of course, are, but they are rather weak. Accordingly, the main trend in the development of marketing is the search for new ways of mass and cheap creation of consumers and needs.

First of all, the search for these methods and, accordingly, the development of marketing are engaged in the most “pumped” them specialists, because they see more who is higher. These are the people who receive the most fresh thoughts and ideas concerning the development of marketing. Phil Barden is one of the experts who get the most out of marketing.

Reading a book is a real pleasure.

This determined that he began to change him. A large number of ideas and facts about what modern marketing is, he expressed in his book “Marketing Hacking.” As a result of reading the book, I can say that “Marketing hacking” is a godsend for everyone. This is a great book that will be of interest to both specialists and people far from marketing.

Reading a book is a real pleasure. It is better to read it slowly, savor each sentence in order to better understand what Phil Barden is talking about, because he is talking a lot of new things and a lot of interesting things. Professionals who are also trying to grope a new marketing book will be useful because it allows you to understand whether they are moving correctly.

The book will be useful for practitioners. And it is useful not only for marketers, but also for businessmen. Marketers who are looking for ideas to promote products, it will be interesting to the results of research, which it presents and new ideas. Based on these results, you can significantly improve the quality of your marketing activities.

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