Hacking marketing and its development prospects
Hacking marketing took place, as the book by Phil Barden says under the same name. In due time, this book was sent to me by the publishing house Mann. Ivanov.…

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So, marketing aims to find ideas
So, marketing is aimed at finding ideas that are not fully implemented in a person, i.e. find needs. Further, these ideas are identified, i.e. the needs are identified, or rather…

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Real marketing for your business
There is real marketing, but there is normal. About ordinary marketing heard all the people who are in one way or another connected with commercial activities. For a while it…

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Profitable way to get more customers

There are hundreds of ways to get more customers. Many of them are well known, others are poorly known, there are those who only know a narrow circle of specialists. However, knowing the ways is not enough, we must also find those that will be effective. One of the reasons for the small number of clients is the use of those approaches that are not suitable for business.

How to get more customers

The problem is that often attracting customers involved people who do not have the knowledge and experience, which leads to problems and lack of customers. To get more customers you need to work very seriously and possess knowledge and technology in the field of marketing and advertising. If there is no time and desire to master them, then the search for customers is better to outsource, which is now quite cheap.

If there is a desire to save a little money on finding customers and there is a summary time available for this, you can try to do it yourself. To do this, it is recommended to use the advice of experts, such as those proposed below. They are enough to understand the basic principles and avoid many mistakes.

Have questions. I have a Renault car service, but we also make other cars. We worked for a long time in a small room, but decided to expand and moved to a large one. There are customers, but they are few. Most of the time the boxes are idle, they don’t bring money, although we expected that the more boxes there are, the more we will earn. As a result, revenues remained as they were, but expenses have increased.

What do you advise? What can be done to maximize the load stations? How to get more customers? In principle, we know the market quite well, because it’s not the first day in business – everyone wants better, but at the same time is cheaper. Some actions to get customers have already taken (contextual advertising, website, and so on), but the effect is small. Maybe we missed something?

Recently, I received more than 20 questions similar to yours. In the process of consulting on marketing, it turned out that in fact no one really knows the market. Usually, well-known, let’s say our industry, but the market’s knowledge is bad. The knowledge of the market is the knowledge of what is going on in the client’s head, and not the knowledge of how to organize a business, what is the knowledge of the industry, not the market.

The problem is that knowledge of the industry now is not a competitive advantage. A person who has worked at the service station for half a year will know everything as well as you, i.e. in principle, be able to easily clone your car service and open your own. Often this is the case, and not only in the field of car service, but in other areas too, there is also cloning.

The number of service providers is increasing, but the number of those who need these services remains the same.

Many specialists, having worked for six months, think, and why should I work for a penny on an “uncle”, if I can open “my own business” and I will take all the money for myself. As a result, the specialist leaves and opens “his own business”. The number of service providers is increasing, but the number of those who need these services remains the same. In fact, customers are “blurred” in all garages.

Proven method to get more customers
Getting more customers is easy.

All this suggests that everyone can clone you, and therefore the ability to provide services is not a competitive advantage. Such is only the ability to get into the head of the client and find out what he thinks. The one who knows how to do this, he gets customers, and who does not know how, he gets crumbs and no matter how many boxes you have and what company are the lifts.

Finding out what customers need is the first thing to do to get more customers.

The competitive advantage now is just knowing what customers want. Finding out what customers need is the first thing to do to get more customers, rather than moving to a large room. As experience shows, no more than 3% of companies that ultimately become market leaders care about obtaining this knowledge.

Accordingly, the question you missed is analytics. And not only external, but also internal. In addition to studying the market, you need to explore more and your company. Very often the company has a “golden competitive advantage”, the realization of which will bring a lot of money, and the owners don’t even know about it and do not use it to increase profits.

Analytics is worth the money. The sum of expenses can be different, from 10,000 to 1,000,000 Russian rubles and above. Should I do a powerful analytics for 1,000,000 – you can still think. But analytics for 10,000 is what you need to do. Without it, you will lose much more. On contextual advertising alone, you can “pull” 5 times more for a couple of months with no effect.

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