10 main reasons for low profits
Many companies have low profits, are on the verge of bankruptcy and are waiting for a miracle. This has even become the norm for some. This happens for years, sometimes…

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Basics of doing business. How to build a reliable business?
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How the principle of the invisible hand of the market works
The principle of the invisible hand of the market is a term introduced by the Scottish economist and one of the founders of modern economic theory, Adam Smith, to explain…

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What the marketer owes and to whom

The marketer must bring results, and for this he must be present and be engaged in marketing. However, in marketing there is such a situation when marketers are engaged in anything, but not in marketing. If you drop deeper, then marketers often do not understand what they do. This marketer is engaged in marketing.

What the marketer owes and to whom

The lack of profit from marketers makes them very vulnerable. So much so that the marketer is recognized as one of the unnecessary professionals during the crisis. This situation is more like not a description of reality, but simply a search for a “scapegoat”. All miscalculations in the activities of the company as a result are then written off to marketing and, therefore, to marketers.

Perhaps, when the best marketer does not work, this leads to who the company is on the verge of ruin, but this is not because the specialist is a marketer, but because he has low qualifications. In turn, low qualifications are already the problems of those who picked up or, as it is accepted to say, “picked up” such a marketer.

This is a mess and something needs to be done with this, and soon marketing will not be lowered from what is below the plinth, but generally they will be driven under the floor. Justice must triumph. Marketing should take its position in the company, and marketers should take their position in society. The celebration of justice can be organized only with the hands, or rather with the head of the marketers themselves.

This will happen by increasing the activity of marketers, which is guaranteed and will inevitably lead to the growth of markets

Only they can influence the situation and change it in their favor. After that, they will receive not only the triumph of justice, but also additional bonuses in the form of an increase in the number of consumers, which means the revenues of the companies in which they operate, and hence their personal incomes.

This will happen by increasing the activity of marketers, which is guaranteed and will inevitably lead to the growth of markets, and hence the growth of sales volumes, and with it the growth of profits. Marketers need to start their rehabilitation by determining whether they are trembling creatures or marketers who have the right to. You can do this only if you go back to basics and re-discover for yourself what marketing is.

Let’s remember what marketing is. It is clear that a lot of marketing titles have divorced, most of which have not even the slightest relation to it, so it will use the classics. The classic definition of marketing that Philippe Kotler has given is that marketing is an activity aimed at satisfying needs and requirements through exchanges.

Hence the further discredit and degradation of marketing.

Definitions are often ignored, but this cannot be done, and especially not when it comes to marketing. The reason for this is that the definition of marketing itself contains the main key to understanding marketing, and, consequently, to its competent organization. Unless you clearly understand what marketing is, you also cannot understand how to do it.

This is where the further discredit and degradation of marketing takes place, because everyone understands something of his own and does something different under the guise of marketing. However, the fact is that the marketing can only be attributed to what can somehow be tied to its classical definition, well, or the definition that is used in the concept of marketing noomarketing.

In essence, the definitions of marketing in classical marketing and noo-marketing are equivalent, but given on the basis of different depths of consideration. All that can be attributed to marketing is its classical definition, then, therefore, marketers can only be recognized by those involved activities that are somehow related to the classic definition of marketing.

In order not to guess what this is for such an activity, you can simply open the book “Fundamentals of Marketing” by Philip Kotler and everything will become immediately obvious. The list turned out to be small, but rather specific. It is clear that it is not complete, because there are still various related activities that allow you to carry out the activities listed in the list. For those who are too lazy to do this, we can remind that marketing includes:

market analysis
selection of target markets
marketing complex development
implementation of the marketing mix
marketing research
the study of the macroenvironment and microenvironment of the company
consumer research
consumer creation
market research
market creation
market segmentation
selection of target segments
participation in the development of goods or services
participation in the establishment

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