Improving the marketing system
We are not lucky. The time in which we live is characterized by a very low market situation. But this is half the trouble. The second half of the trouble…

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Great way to build a powerful business.
A powerful business is a business that is built optimally and purposefully. The world is arranged expediently and only that which is expedient survives in it. Everything that is inexpedient…

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Where to find customers for big sales
Where to find clients is a question that worries businessmen the most. They think about it on average 50 times a day. The businessman wakes up with the thought of…

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Top 7 most dangerous mistakes marketers

Mistakes marketers is a reality. There is an opinion that the one who does nothing is not mistaken. There is some truth in this opinion, but an even greater part of the truth is that very often many mistakes could have been avoided if they were aware of their existence. Due to the fact that any mistake brings all sorts of losses in order to help avoid them, We have prepared a list of the worst mistakes that marketers have committed, are making, and will continue to be committed.

Mistakes marketers is a reality

Mistake number 1. The biggest mistake marketers should be considered is that very often they take up marketing not from the beginning, but from the middle or even from the end. This minimum leads to a whole bunch of negative consequences, and very often even to the fact that “poles in the wheels” are put and the development of business and companies is hampered.

The essence of this mistake is to start everything not with the basic concept of marketing – needs, but with something that follows it, for example, marketing research, advertising, or even sales.

Error number 2. Fuzzy formulation of goals and objectives when planning marketing activities, as a result, a large amount of non-essential information may be obtained that makes it difficult to make the right marketing decision.

Error number 3. Error in the method of conducting a marketing research (telephone survey, questioning, etc.) This error can lead to the fact that potential consumers will answer a limited number of questions that do not reveal the full essence and will not be able to express their opinion on some important questions. their point of view, questions.

Error number 4. The wrong choice of the object of marketing research is another one of the worst mistakes. For example, a company plans to sell products to an end user, but as a respondent it selects managers of wholesale firms whose opinions may differ significantly from those of buyers.

This of course helps to save money by having to interview fewer people. However, the firm may incur losses that significantly exceed the costs necessary for organizing a survey with a larger number of ordinary consumers as a result of not receiving reliable data.

Another very serious mistake marketers – immediately rush to do promotional materials

Error number 5. Another very serious mistake marketers – immediately rush to do promotional materials, without prior preparation, which is very important. After all, if you do not conduct training, which consists in the preliminary collection and analysis of information on who the advertisement is intended for, then, in fact, you are simply engaged in self-satisfaction, and not in advertising.

Advertising is done for someone, and if you do not conduct training, then you do, in fact, advertising for yourself personally, because you cannot make advertising for someone, if you don’t know what someone is thinking and living.

Error number 5. You can often find that advertising texts, products, commercials approve the company’s management on the basis of their personal ideas, on the basis of their personal feelings. If the marketer makes this happen – he makes a big mistake. An advertisement or a product is actually made for consumers and it is he who should determine what they should look like, not the director.

If there is no opportunity to test an advertisement or product for a target audience, then you should at least study it, try to become this audience in order to understand what it needs, what it will react to. There are no other ways. Although, if you have nowhere to put money, you can continue to trust the opinion of the management and do the advertising exactly as he pleases. There is a chance that you will be lucky on the 100th or 1000th time.

Another grave mistake is to show ads as many times as you need money.

Mistake number 6. Another gross mistake – to show ads as many times as there is enough money. Another variant of this error is to show ads as many times as it pleases. This is not correct, because you need to understand that it is necessary to carry out such a number of impacts that will allow you to fully implement the formula A.I.D.A.

Otherwise, the consumer may be in a “suspended” state, excited, but not satisfied, and therefore will go to seek satisfaction on the side, i.e. will buy the product or service of a wiser competitor.

Mistake number 7. Falsification is another very common and very gross mistake, which always as a result costs the company dearly. This error happens because unscrupulous marketers ignore the commission of certain actions that are necessary for the technology due to laziness or for other reasons, as a result of which they don’t have the entire set of information required to prepare a report.

To fill an educated gap in the information, they begin to recall student years and either write off something somewhere or invent and thus distort everything.

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