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Professional Marketing Performance Management

Marketing is an activity that brings good profit. This has been proven by many companies, starting with Apple and ending with Zara, whose brands are in the top 100 of the most expensive brands. The result achieved by them, obtained through quality marketing. It should be noted that the profit from marketing goes in many directions. But in order for marketing to bring profit, you need to invest in it.

Marketing here is not alone, you need to invest in everything, so our world is already arranged. In principle, you can do marketing yourself, then you only have to invest time, but it is better to entrust marketing to professionals, because they will do everything much faster than non-professionals. As a result, marketing from a professional will be cheaper than independent marketing.

Clearly, where there is investment, I want to have a return on it. Clearly, the more effective the marketing, the better the return on investment in it. You can achieve maximum return only if marketing is as effective as possible. For marketing to be effective, you need to manage your marketing effectiveness. Marketing alone will not be effective.

Proper Marketing Performance Management
Effective marketing allows you to expand the market, and hence increase sales. In this regard, the question arises of how marketing performance management is implemented? To answer this question, let’s remember in great detail how we make tea or coffee. The specific algorithms for making tea or coffee can be different, depending on who is used to, but the set of actions is approximately the same for everyone.

The first obligatory action is to take a kettle, fill it with water and boil water. After this, a mug and a spoon are taken. Mug placed in a convenient place. Take tea or coffee and put in a mug. After that, sugar, lemon, milk are added to the same place, in general, again, who is used to it. Perhaps nothing is added. So, the water begins to boil, the kettle is taken, and boiled water is poured into a mug.

Only through the use of marketing programs can you maximize your marketing effectiveness and maximize your return.

Tea or coffee is almost ready, we must give them a little insistence. After the tea or coffee is infused, you can drink them. We drink tea or coffee, we receive a charge of cheerfulness and we go further. We need a cheerfulness charge, because a very serious conversation about programming in marketing will go on. Programming in marketing is the preparation of marketing programs. Only through the use of marketing programs can you achieve maximum marketing effectiveness and maximum returns from it.

Orientation to the result
Marketing performance management is, above all, following a marketing program. It is necessary to follow the marketing program also when marketing of the person is realized. Sometimes it may seem that marketing programs are unnecessary and unnecessary. It may even seem that spontaneity is much better. However, from the example above, it is obvious that even such a simple action as the preparation of tea or coffee is performed according to a specific program through the performance of strictly defined actions.

If you do everything spontaneously, the result is usually obtained very rarely.

If you deviate from the program, do not commit any action, then tea, coffee, and with them vigor will not be received. Anything will be received, but not the desired result. Then the lack of result will be attributed to anything, for example, to the global financial crisis, to unfavorable conjuncture, to aliens, to the action of the moon or solar storms, but not to the fact that only the wrong algorithm was chosen and applied.

If you do everything spontaneously, the result, as a rule, is obtained very rarely. This is because spontaneity is a reaction to events, a reflection of events. These events are created by other people and companies, and not by you, which means that the result will be obtained by them, and not by you. To get your result, you need to purposefully and systematically create your own stream of events, and for this you need marketing performance management.

Plan as a management tool
marketing performance management

Marketing performance management must be carried out in all directions. This means that it is necessary to create marketing programs for any activity in the field of marketing, be it the search for new opportunities, market segmentation, the creation of a new product, the conduct of marketing research and everything else. It is also very important to have a plan for product promotion.

Only through the preparation of programs and marketing plans can you get a real result for yourself, and not an uncle from another company. Only drawing up a marketing program will allow you to create your own flow of events, rather than reacting to various kinds of informational garbage that overwhelms the environment.

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